Trass Lubrication New Material Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Trass Lubrication New Material Co.,Ltd.(GALX is our brand) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in various kinds of lubricating products including lubricating oil additives, petroleum additives, vehicle chemicals, energy-efficient antiwear additives, environmental detergent for fuel oils, Synthetic base oils, GALX finished lubricants and car care products(excellent fuel-saving additive, nano friction modifier, diesel detergent, diesel pour point depressant, cetane number improver, Fuel oil smoke suppressant and so on)

Trass has various production lines, R&D center, and more than ten patents. With 20 year lubrication-industry experience, we can customize products based on clients’ requirements.
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Trass Lubrication New Material Co., Ltd.
Professional Manufacturer of Lubrication  Chemicals
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